About EcoLoco

61825_01-300x225EcoLoco was started after the founder, Jodi Conklin, was introduced to a fabulous line of recycled handbags.  Those bags were so impressive not only because of the unique materials in which they were made, but also because of the benefit to the women who actually weave them.  After she started carrying the bags she noticed that an overwhelming number of people would take notice and ask where to find them.  Jodi knew that the bags would be in high demand should enough people find out about them.

Making A Difference With Amazing Products

Jodi was excited to learn of many companies whose purpose was to eradicate poverty through creating and selling recycled products.  Jewelry, apparel, handbags and more can all be found within the full line of products offered at EcoLoco.  By the way, if you know of an amazing product that is eco-friendly AND is changing the lives of people anywhere in the world, be sure to let us know!  It could be the next line that we purchase.

Making A Statement Is Easy With EcoLoco

littlegirlinhaiti1-300x200Jodi Conklin herself has carefully researched such companies and has put together a collection of the finest recycled handbags, jewelry and gifts on the market.  EcoLoco has handbags made from seatbelts, magazines and tires just to name a few.  They also have jewelry made from paper, aluminum and glass, among many other materials.  Fair trade coffee and tea are always available as well as a line of socially responsible food items such as soup mixes, cookies and dip mixes.

EcoLoco’s Commitment To Charity

Jodi has found a way to keep company costs down so that a portion of the company’s profits can be donated to charities within her community in addition to the international organizations close to her heart. EcoLoco has recently sponsored a child from Compassion International who resides in Haiti.  It is the mission of EcoLoco to make a difference, one purchase at a time!

If you’d like to learn a bit more about Jodi and EcoLoco, feel free to give her a call at 717-475-0403 or send an email to jconklin [at sign] ecolocogifts.com.